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  1. These rules supplement the obligations all members undertake on joining the Caravan and Motorhome Club (the 'Club'), including the Caravan Code and Country Code. In the event of any conflict, the rules set out below take precedence.

  2. Rally Field - any site or part of a site on which a rally is held shall be for the exclusive use of Club members and their outfits. Attendance at the site and/or payment of the rally fee shall be deemed to be an acceptance of these rules.

  3. Rally Marshal - The Rally Marshal and any deputy must be either a full or family member of the Club.

  4. Rally Attendance - the Centre Committee reserves the right to refuse the use of the rally site to any persons or to request any member to remove his/her caravan. The Centre Committee must provide a legitimate reason for taking such action.

  5. Rally Authority - the Rally Marshal has authority for the conduct of the rally throughout its duration. If a member breaks any rule, the Rally Marshal may ask the member to leave the rally and must also immediately report the matter to the Centre Committee for any further action that is deemed necessary. If the Rally Marshal has not adhered to the Club or Centre rules and directives, a Centre officer or committee member may overrule the Rally Marshal's authority.

  6. Risk - All persons attending any function organised by the Centre do so entirely at their own risk. No responsibility for persons or property Is accepted by the organisers.

  7. Rally Start Time - all rallies commence at 17.00, unless otherwise stated. Ralliers should not arrive before the rally start time or after 22.30 without prior approval from the Rally Marshal.

  8. Rally Finish - at the end of the rally, the member’s outfit must be removed from the Rally Field, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Rally Marshal and the landowner.

  9. Arrival - on first arrival at the site, each member must report to the Rally Marshal and produce their membership card if required. Members should ask visitors to report to the Rally Marshal on arrival.

  10. Siting on Pitches - each outfit must be placed on the pitch indicated by the Rally Marshal.

  11. Reserving Pitches - pitches may be reserved at the discretion of the Rally Marshal.

  12. Rally Fees - unless previously paid, all rally fees must be paid to the Rally Marshal on arrival at the site.

  13. Deposits - may be charged at the discretion of the Rally Marshal.

  14. Rally Expenses - Rally Marshals may submit a claim for items such as food for socials or petrol for generators. A VAT receipt must be supplied. Travel to and from a rally cannot be claimed.

  15. Major Expenses - Expenses above a certain limit must be approved in advance by the Treasurer. The Treasurer should be contacted for further information regarding the current limit.

  16. Ground Conditions - when ground conditions are poor a yellow flag will indicate that care must be taken when moving vehicles. When ground conditions are very poor a red flag will restrict movement of all vehicles and permission must be obtained from the Rally Marshal before vehicles are moved.  All vehicles are moved at the owner’s risk.

  17. Speed Limit - limit for all vehicles on the Rally Field is 5 mph (walking pace). Only fully licensed and insured drivers may drive vehicles on the Rally Field. Driving lessons are not permitted.

  18. Cycles - may be used on the Rally Field at the discretion of the Rally Marshal. The speed limit is 5 mph. Lights must be used after dark.

  19. Toilet Facilities - members must bring their own toilet, which must only be emptied at the designated disposal points. Toilets must not be charged or rinsed at the drinking water tap.

  20. Waste Water - must be collected in a container and deposited in the receptacles or places indicated by the Rally Marshal.

  21. Dry Waste - should be taken home or disposed of as instructed by the Rally Marshal.

  22. Tents - a tent up to 2.4 metres X 2.4 metres may be sited in place of an awning, positioned where the awning would have been placed, and surrounded by a windbreak to protect the occupants. All occupants must be dependents, or in the care, of a Club member.

  23. Generators - may be used between 09.00 and 21.00, for a maximum of 3 hours per day. Exceptions may be made for medical reasons, with prior approval from the Rally Marshal. The Rally Marshal may operate a generator up to 23.00 for the purposes of an organised social event on the Rally Field. Generators must not be left unattended at any time.

  24. Electronic Devices - Radios, CB radios, TVs and amplified music must not inconvenience other ralliers or people living nearby. All events held on the Rally Field must cease by 23.00. Thereafter, noise should be kept to an absolute minimum.

  25. Pets - must be held or tethered at all times, on leads not exceeding 2 metres in length. All animal waste must be collected and disposed of hygienically. Animals must not be exercised on the Rally Field. Animals must not be taken to the Rally Marshal’s caravan or to the drinking water tap.

  26. Ball Games - allowed in the areas designated by the Rally Marshal and must be at least 20 metres from any caravan or car.

  27. Charcoal Barbeques - must be kept at least 1.5 metres from caravans, awnings and vehicles, and must not be allowed to damage the Rally Field.

  28. Open Fires - fires are not allowed on the Rally Field under any circumstances.

  29. Drones - drones, kites and model aircraft must not be flown on the Rally Field.

  30. Weapons - weapons of any kind must not be used on the Rally Field.

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